How Could a Witness Leave the Scene of an Accident? There May Be a Few Reasons.

Being in an Austin car or truck accident can be absolutely terrifying, and the minutes following are usually confusing. Although you were the one physically involved in the accident, it always helps to have witnesses on hand who can provide their unbiased point of view as to what really happened. Those witnesses can also be key in your car or truck accident case when you are seeking compensation for medical bills and lost wages. So what do you do when they leave the scene of the accident before you can talk to them? Why would they leave?

Reasons Witnesses Leave an Accident Scene

A witness could be anyone—another driver, a biker, pedestrian, etc.—they are merely another person that saw your accident happen. Their reasons for leaving, however, can be quite varied:

  • They are afraid of dealing with the police. Some people want to help, but they may have had past legal issues of their own and don't want to get in trouble. They may have warrants out for their arrest, and, as much as they'd like to help, they're nervous about talking to the police. 
  • They've got somewhere to be. Many people do not stop simply because they are in a rush to get somewhere—work, school, appointments. They feel bad, but not bad enough to spend time helping you out. 
  • They don't care. Plain and simple, some people don't care enough to stop. They don't know you and they don't feel obligated to help. They think it's just going to be more trouble than it's worth, so they prefer to act like it never happened. 

It is unfortunate that some witnesses do not stop to help, but it is certainly not uncommon for this to happen. If you are in a car accident in Texas and you have no witnesses around to give a statement, make sure you write down absolutely everything you can remember as soon as possible. The more detail, the better. After that, call attorney Earl Straight for a free consultation at 512-454-1331.