Wear Your Seat Belt and Avoid Rollovers with These Great Tips

Being in a car accident and losing control of your vehicle is terrifying enough, but rollovers can make an accident even scarier. When a car rolls over, the chances of serious injuries and death increase exponentially. But what causes a car to roll over? Are certain vehicles at more risk? Our Austin law office will try to answer some of your questions, using advice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

  • If you are packing your car up for a trip or move, pay close attention to how you distribute the load throughout the car. You may not realize it, but your car does have a maximum weight limit for loads, so consult your owner's manual to make sure you don't over pack the vehicle. Be extremely careful if you need to transport anything on your roof rack. Adding weight above your vehicle's center of gravity will make it top-heavy and more likely to roll over. 
  • Certain types of roads are more likely to be the scene of a rollover; rollovers are much more common on curvy, narrow, rural roads. These roads require the driver to pay attention at all times and avoid speeding, but some people have a hard time and may run into a ditch and flip their car. 
  • If you start to go off the road, try to stay calm and fight the urge to overcorrect. That type of panic is what can cause a vehicle to rollover, especially if you're on a highway at higher speeds.
  • Any vehicle can rollover, but certain types are most at risk. These include taller, narrower vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and vans that have higher centers of gravity. 

Rollovers can happen any time, in any place, but it's how you prepare and react that can make all the difference. Also, always remember to wear your seat belt! The NHTSA estimates that people wearing seat belts are about 75 percent less likely to be killed in a rollover crash than unbelted occupants. 

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