Earl Straight is an Austin accident attorney who helps real people who have been injured in Texas wrecks. Hear what clients have to say about Earl Straight.

"Thank you Earl, for all you have done on my behalf.  I really appreciate your assistance." - Elaine


"God bless you.  You helped me when no one else would.  I was in terrible pain from the fall, but the store wouldn't get me any treatment, I didn't have the money to see a doctor, and no other attorney would take my call.  And to top it off it was New Year's Eve.  You not only took my call but got me in to see a doctor immediately, even before we had a chance to meet in person.  I can't tell you how much that meant to me." - Sandi


"Thank you so much for everything you did, we really appreciate it!" - Sarah


"Thank you so much for helping me with this horrible ordeal.  I really appreciate your abilities and kindness.  I will never be able to express my appreciation." - Delia


"Thank you very much" - Sue


"Absolutely Wonderful, makes a painful process so much easier!! He manages to explain everything so simply when Insurance companies are breaking your head over issues. He is very attentive and truly cares for his clients. Even though its been quite some time since my case he still sends kind postcards in the mail! Highly Recommend!!!!"

"A++++++++++ !"

"Thank you!!" - Karina


"Thank you for your patience and perseverance in pursuing my claim.  You will certainly be on my recommend list."- Diane


"I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance in our case.  Just not having to deal with the insurance company personally was my overall goal and you were able to go above and beyond that."- Jennifer


"I have and will remember to tell others of the much needed help you gave my husband and myself when he had his accident. It's good to know people like you and your staff that really care and work for the good of others." - Inez


"We want to say thanks for taking care of our needs and for bringing this case to an end." - Joan


"I was very impressed and appreciative for your help. Thank you." - Annie


"Mr. Straight was very punctual at the time of our needs and we really appreciate it and the time he spent." - Richard


"Mr. Straight provided very good services." - Rhoda


"Mr. Straight is a great attorney. I was very pleased with him. Mr. Straight provided very good service." - Elvira


"The attorney who assisted us was Earl Straight. He was courteous, professional and helpful. Thank you Mr. Straight." - Shirley


"This was a very new and pleasant experience for me. Mr. Straight was a very professional man-knowledgeable. I would recommend his services to anyone." - Arline


"I have been very satisfied with all that Mr. Straight has done for me." - Sherry


"Mr. Straight: I cannot thank you enough for helping my wife and I during a very difficult time." - Gary


"I was very pleased with the timely explanation of my case and the offer to refer back with any future questions by attorney Earl K. Straight. I thank him for his time." - Modesto


"Since I moved back to East Texas, I have dealt with several lawyers on different cases. I always find myself comparing the way they conduct business to the way your office conducted my case. You have always won those contests hands-down. I offer my humble thanks that the first lawyer I ever did business with was Earl K. Straight." - Josh


"Thanks for all your hard work and perseverance. We appreciate all your efforts on our behalf." - John


"Dear Mr. Straight, Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance with my case. I appreciate the respectful way you treated my small claim, and will refer you to others." - Tina


"When I had my car accident Earl got the best settlement fast. He is professional and very responsive." - Sandy


"Earl was referred to me by a friend about 4 years ago. I couldn't recommend a finer person to represent my family, my businesses, and my occasional dramas. He's a stand-up guy who takes the time required to take care of you personally". - Stuart


"I just wanted to say "thank you" for handling this case. I know that it wasn't a big one and that you spent valuable time to help me when a return wasn't definite. I can't tell you how happy I am to know that there are indeed people around who help just to help." - Jennifer


"I want to thank you for helping me.  I really do appreciate you taking care of my case." - Rachelle


"I greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.  Best Wishes!" - Jessica
"Just wanted to say thank you for your assistance.  I appreciate everything you did and I believe it ended up better than we expected." - Danella


"Thank you so much." - LuCinda
"Thank you so much!" - Effie
"Once again I find myself indebted to you for your kindness in being available for advice.  I will hear your voice which promptly prevents my lapsing into despair." - Marthanne
"Thanks!  More than I expected." - Mandy
"Wow!  Thanks Earl." - Mario
"Thank you.  I'll refer you anyone that needs a good attorney." - Butch
"I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the work you did on my behalf.  I so appreciate it.  I am thankful I could get the medical attention I needed and that would not have been possible without your help." - Chelsea
"Thank you so much for all you did to help me out.  I just didn't know where to begin to handle this unfortunate accident.  I will most definitely recommend your services to anyone I know who needs a great attorney!" - Kelly
"Please forgive me for taking so long to say "Thank You" for helping us after our car accident.  For taking care of everything, getting the cost down and all the other wonderful things you did.  You were a blessing to us.  Thank you!" - Blondena