Being a construction worker in Texas comes with plenty of dangers; a recent report by Workers Defense Project noted that Texas is the most deadly place to work in construction, with a worker dying every 2.5 days and nearly 16,900 accidents annually. Accidents come in many forms, affecting many parts of the body and ranging from minor to deadly. Head injuries are among some of the most serious construction accident injuries because they can cause a person to become disabled for life. Here are some of the more common head injuries:

  • Concussion. This is a very common head injury and luckily, it is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. It generally refers to a temporary loss of consciousness and is sometimes used to describe a very minor injury to the head or brain.

  • Contusion. A contusion is any bruising on the brain as a result of a skull fracture. This is when a specific part of the brain swells and mixes with blood.

  • Hematoma. Hematoma come in three varieties: epidural, subdural, and intracerebral. A hematoma is caused when a blood vessel in the brain is damaged and there is heavy bleeding around the brain.

One very important fact to consider is that you can't always trust the way your head injury looks from the outside. You may get severely cut on your head and think it looks very scary and serious and you might wonder if your brain has been affected. But just because you injure the outside of your head does not mean you're going to have a brain injury. Likewise, you might look fine from the outside but actually have a serious brain injury going on inside your head. If your head gets hurt in any way, it's important to err on the side of caution and visit a doctor. You never know what's actually happening on the inside.

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