How to Determine Whether a Defective Product in Austin was Defectively Designed or Defectively Manufactured

If you believe that you were injured by a defective product in Texas and that you may have a valid liability case on your hands, it is important to figure out exactly where everything went wrong. Defective products can be divided in to a few different categories, but two main concerns are defectively designed products and defectively manufactured products. It can be tough to understand the difference between the two, so this article will cover the basics for you.

Defective Manufacturing vs. Defective Design

  • Defective Manufacturing means that everything about the product was okay until it reached the actual stage where it was being physically made.  The issue was not the people who dreamed up the product and decided how it was going to be created; the issue was the people or machines that put everything together.
  • Defective Design means that the problem was not how the product was put together physically, but rather in the actual original blueprint of how everything was going to be created. The defect is the fault of the engineers, chemists, or whoever was tasked with planning out how all of the pieces of the merchandise would be put together.

Examples of Defective Products

Products that could be considered defectively manufactured are:

  • A baby’s high chair that has a loose leg
  • A car with a brake line that is not properly connected
  • Processed food that is contaminated by bacteria in the factory

Products that could be considered defectively designed are:

  • A coffee pot that shatters when it is full of hot coffee
  • A wall mount for a flat screen TV that doesn’t hold the amount of weight it says it can
  • A toy created for an infant that is designed with a small piece that babies could choke on

What to Do if You Have Been Affected by a Defective Product

Defective product cases can be tricky, and it is important to enlist the help of a seasoned attorney with years of experience. Attorney Earl Straight knows the ins and outs of Texas defective product cases and will be happy to provide you with a free consultation – just give him a call at 512-454-1331.