I think a defective tire caused my accident. How can I know for sure?



Most accidents happen so quickly that it can be tough to even tell what caused it. However, if you were driving and your tire popped, exploded, or fell off, it may have been defective. The first thing you should do is go online and check to see if there are any recalls in place already for your brand of tire - that will be a pretty good indication of whether or not this has happened to other people and if the company is aware of the defect. You should also call a Texas defective product lawyer. If this has happened to other people, there's a good chance that the attorney has either represented or at least spoken with a victim.

One of the most common tire defects is tread separation. This is when the adhesive holding the belt and tread together fails. When that occurs, accidents can happen, drivers try to over-correct and roll over, and tires blow out. It's even more dangerous when the tread separates on the back tires when you're moving at a high rate of speed; it's harder to control the vehicle than if the front tires blew out.

Some of the biggest defective product recalls have involved tires. So, if you suspect yours may have been defective, you may have a case. It's always best to do your research before you make any big decisions, so don't be afraid to consult an experienced lawyer. Austin defective product attorney Earl Straight has been representing victims of defective tires and other defective products for over two decades and always offers his first consultation for free. Call him today to schedule an appointment at 512-454-1331.