Austin DWIs Are Grounds for Wrongful Death

Driving While Intoxicated is a huge, nationwide problem, and Texas is no exception. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that in 2011, there were 931 fatal crashes in the state that took 1,039 lives. That means over one thousand deaths could have been prevented; these would all be considered Texas wrongful death cases. 

With a wrongful death case, someone has died because of another person's negligence. In a Texas DUI case, the person who got behind the wheel of a car after drinking would be that negligent party. It is common knowledge that consuming alcohol and operating a motor vehicle can have fatal consequences, so there is not really much a person can say or do to prove that they weren't being negligent by driving while intoxicated. 

When your loved one has been killed in a DWI accident, many people will file a TX wrongful death suit. A lawsuit will not bring the person back, but it will help bring some closure to a situation that may feel so confusing and devastating. By punishing the negligent party, you can receive compensation for medical and funeral expenses, loss of support and companionship, loss of past and future wages, and punitive damages. 

If someone you love was killed in a DWI accident in Texas, you need to stand up for them and take action. Speak with a wrongful death attorney and learn about your options; contact Austin law firm, Straight Law, today for a free consultation at 512-454-1331.