Who Can be Involved in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

It is a very difficult and confusing time following the tragic, unexpected death of a loved one. When a person is killed by the negligence or actions of another person or company, associates of the victim can take action. They can file a wrongful death lawsuit through legal representation. Unfortunately, the process can be long and difficult. However, the victim’s loved ones often have the right to financial compensation for their loss. 

It is hard to put a price on the life of a loved one. That is not what a wrongful death claim aims to do. When the deceased person was the financial provider for his family, that financial security should not be lost because of someone else’s negligence. 

Defining which individuals are allowed to participate in a claim can be difficult. There are guidelines that should make it a little clearer. Here are some parties that may have claim to due compensation:

  • Immediate family members. Wives, husbands, children and parents are almost always parties involved in wrongful death cases. 
  • Life partners and putative spouses. The partner of the deceased may have a claim if the two lived as a co-dependent couple, even if they were not legally married. 
  • Other family members. More distant family members can be included in the claim, like siblings and grandparents, if they were financially dependent. 
  • Anyone who loses financially. Some states allow parties not related to the deceased by blood to be part of the claim if they were financially dependent on the victim. 

It is hard to think of money during such a tragic time. Nonetheless, if you were financially dependent on the victim, you should contact an Austin wrongful death lawyer for help. Straight Law offers free consultations to discuss your rights. We will do what we can to get your life back on track.