Current Medical Device Recalls and How They Are Handled

It can be unsettling to hear about medical device recalls because products that were manufactured to improve health are clearly not working the way they should be. Their defect may not directly harm us, but if they fail to treat a medical issue properly, it could be the difference between life and death. 

When medical devices are recalled, they do not necessarily have to be returned to the company immediately; they will sometimes just need to be checked or fixed on site. An implanted device does not always have to be removed, but sometimes doctors will sit down with patients to explain the recall and discuss the risk of removing the device compared to the risk of leaving it in place. 

According to the FDA, these are the most recent recalls of medical devices (as of December 2012): 

  • Mindray A3 and A5 Anesthesia Delivery System
  • HeartSine Samaratin Public Access Defibrillator 300/300P
  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Buretrol Solution Sets
  • Touchscreen for Hospita Symbiq Infusion System, Models 16026 and 16027
  • Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. Proximate PPH Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler and Accessories 33mm, Proximate HCS Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler and Accessories 33mm and the Transtar Circular Stapler Procedure Set
  • Stryker Instruments, Neptune Rover Waste Management Systems
  • Accutron, Inc. Ultra PC% Cabinet Mount Flowmeters for Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Sedation Systems
  • Custom Medical Specialties, Inc., Custom HSG Tray, Hysteroscopic Sterilization Pack, Custom Vein Tray, Custom Amnio Tray, Fox Chase Specials Pack, Abington Radiology Drainage Pack, Custom CT Biopsy Tray, HSG Tray, Custom Myelogram Tray, and Hysteroscopy Sterile Procedure Kit 
  • I-Flow ON-Q Pump with ONDEMAND Bolus Button
  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Automix Automated Nutrition Compounder Systems

A full list of recalled medical devices for 2012 and past years can be found on the FDA's website, but if you have any current concerns, be sure to speak to your doctor. 

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