Practice Safety on an Austin Nighttime Construction Site

Think of all the risks that construction workers face on a daily basis when they go to work—now think about all of those risks, except with the lights turned off. This is a reality for some construction workers who are assigned to work on a site during the nighttime. It is important to take certain precautions to avoid any unnecessary injury when working in construction after the sun goes down. If your employer is not implementing many of these safety strategies currently, consider speaking to them about your concerns. 

  • Wear hard hats that have reflective tape on them
  • Don't wear dark colors—wear shirts, jackets, or vests that are fluorescent in color and, if possible, have reflective tape as well
  • Only work in areas that have at least level-one illumination
  • Using equipment and vehicles that have rotating amber beacons
  • Put up the proper signage around the site so that motorists and pedestrians are able to see and avoid the area 

One of the biggest nighttime construction hazards is working on roadways or highways. You are basically out in the middle of the road, in the dark, and you never know if a motorist is going to see you. Unfortunately, it's also very common in construction because it's easier to get work done on a highway during the night when there are far fewer vehicles on the road. Take extra precaution in these instances, and never assume that a car can see you, especially when they are driving down a highway in the dark at 70mph. 

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