Jobs That Seem "Safe" Can Have Dangerous Chemical Hazards

Some jobs pose more obvious risks than others, but that doesn't mean those with "safe" occupations should be entirely worry-free. Just because you're not operating heavy equipment or climbing tall ladders doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of your surroundings and any possible hazards in your work place. Chemical hazards at work are among those risks that people don't necessarily think of right away, but when they're affected by them, they certainly will never forget about them. 

Beauty Parlors/Nail Salons

When you work in a place that specializes in making women feel beautiful, you probably aren't thinking about chemical hazards all day long. Unfortunately, many nail products and hair dyes contain chemicals that can cause lasting negative physical effects. Some nail products have cancer-causing properties like benzene and formaldehyde. Hair dye has chemicals in it that can irritate the skin, so if you're dying hair all day, it can penetrate your skin and cause a bad reaction. Both the nail and hair products also have chemicals that can go into the air and result in asthma and other conditions of the lungs that affect your ability to breathe. 

Dentist Offices

Dentists are all about healthy teeth, and it may seem counter productive, but some things they use to get the job done can be harmful with regular exposure. Beryllium is used to make crowns, bridges, and partial dentures, but it's also known to cause cancer. There are different adhesives, glues, plastics, coatings, gasses, and metals that are very important in the dental process. But again, these are also dangers for chemical exposure. 

Chemical hazards have the potential to pop up in many different places at a variety of jobs. Sometimes it's as simple as the cleaning supplies the janitorial staff uses to keep your office building clean; if they aren't used properly or disposed of correctly, they could cause major health issues down the road. You never know. 

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