Safety Measures to Protect Austin Employees from Injury

It is undeniable that injuries in the workplace are going to happen. OSHA reports that every year, more than 4.1 million workers suffer a serious job-related injury. However, as an Austin business owner, it is your responsibility to take matters in to your own hands and put safety measures in place that could quite possibly prevent a very serious injury on your watch. Risk management is a big part of every company and it involves identifying every kind of risk your business may face and then taking steps to manage those risks. On-the-job-injuries in Texas are one of those huge risks. Here are some steps you can take to get your enterprise on the right track toward keeping employees safe:

  • Create Safety Rules. When you hire a person, you hire them for their ability to do their job well; unfortunately, they don’t always know how to do it safely. Most people will know very basic safety rules, but if there are certain things that are very specific to your industry or workplace, do not assume your employees are aware of the risks. Develop an internal team to identify major potential risks and put together a list, or even booklet, of safety measures and procedures they should follow. You must be very clear about safety risks and how to avoid injury so that in the event something does happen, your employees cannot fault you for being completely transparent about hazards of the job and how to prevent them.
  • Train Employees on a Regular Basis. After safety rules have been implemented, take it one step further by offering regular training. Don’t just tell employees that a certain machine is dangerous if you do not follow certain steps to get it started; show them how to operate it safely and then stand there while they demonstrate what they just learned. When people read, things can sometimes go in one ear and out the other. When they learn something in a hands-on environment, they are far more likely to retain the information.
  • Design Work Stations Appropriately. In any situation where someone is spending an elongated period of time in a confined space, it should be designed appropriately to prevent injury. This is especially true if they are doing very repetitive movements that could cause a lot of pain if done for hours at the wrong angle or posture. For office workers, consider contacting a company that specializes in ergonomics. They can design desk workstations to the specific needs of each individual employee.
  • Institute an Employee Wellness Program. Creating a wellness program does two major things: it shows employees you are committed to their health and it also encourages healthy behaviors that could ultimately lead to fewer injuries in the workplace. As folks take better care of themselves, their bodies will grow longer and become less susceptible to some injuries.

By keeping your employees informed, well-trained and healthy, you are setting them and your company up for success. Fewer workers compensation lawsuits means you can focus more on growing your company and less on losing money and employees.

If you are an employee and you were injured on the job, call Attorney Earl Straight at 512-454-1331. He has years of experience handling on the job injury cases and will make sure you get the help you need.