How can I reduce the risk of being injured in an Austin construction accident?



Being a construction worker is a very admirable, important profession, but those taking the job on know that it comes with many risks. According to 2010 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry had the second highest amount of workplace fatalities in the state of Texas (transportation and material moving occupations were number one). 

Your employer should provide you with proper procedures, guidelines, safety tips and anything else you need to stay safe on the job. Unfortunately, some people you work for will break the law and cut corners wherever they can - oftentimes, this comes at the expense of your safety. Whether or not you have a supportive employer, keep this advice in mind whenever you’re working at an Austin construction site:

  • Use common sense. This may seem silly, but just be cautious. Don't do anything too quickly, and make sure whatever you're about to do is going to be done safely. If a situation doesn't seem "right," step back and try to figure out where the trouble may be. 
  • Wear protective gear. When you work in construction, it's not so much a matter of if you're going to get injured - it's when you're going to get injured. It's up to you to wear protective gear that keeps you safe when the unexpected occurs. Those steel-toed boots or safety goggles could mean the difference between a small bruise and a horrific injury. 
  • Educate yourself. If your employer offers safety courses, pamphlets, or training seminars, take advantage of them. When it comes to staying safe, knowledge is power. If your employer does not offer any kind of continuing education when it comes to safety, don't use that as an excuse not to do anything - seek out opportunities online or locally that can help you out. 

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