Are teens driving with passengers really more dangerous?



There have been a lot of regulations enacted in different parts of the country that address limitations for teen driving. Some states have a tiered driving program. In this program, teens have different rights and limitations as they go from 16 to 18 years old, such as driving curfews. One such regulation in some states is limiting the number of passengers a teen can transport in his vehicle while driving.


There have been studies showing that with every extra person in the car while a teen is driving, the chances of an accident are increased dramatically. There are many reasons for this, including peer pressure to make poor decisions and distracted driving. A study performed recently by the Automobile Association of America’s Foundation for Traffic Safety illustrated this point. The results showed that a teen driving with one other passenger under 21 increases the chance of an accident by 44%. Additional passengers under 21 increase the chances even further after that. 


Texas has taken these studies into consideration and implemented a graduated license program. Drivers under 17 can only have one passenger under 21 in the car. They also cannot drive between midnight and 5:00am. Exceptions are made for employment and emergencies. 


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