Who should be held responsible for the trucking accident I was injured in?



Vehicle accidents of any kind can be extremely scary, but when you're injured in an accident with a truck, you're truly lucky to be alive. However, placing blame is not always so simple. Sometimes there are obvious and not-so-obvious culpable parties when it comes to figuring out who is responsible for compensating you for your pain and suffering, medical bills, car repair bills, and time out of work. Those responsible include:

  • The Truck Driver. This is the more obvious at-fault individual. They were driving the truck that caused the accident that injured you. In most cases, they will be covered by enough car insurance to take care of your compensation. It can get a little stickier when it wasn't completely their fault, though. 
  • The Truck Driver's Employer. It is possible that the company the truck driver was working for could be held responsible, as well. Maybe they were pressuring their drivers to meet deadlines, forcing the trucker to speed up on his route. Drivers are also only legally allowed to drive a certain amount of hours per day and per week, but if the company was breaking the law and forcing the driver to work overtime, his extreme fatigue may have contributed to the accident. 
  • Another Driver. Perhaps there was an erratic driver on the highway, and, in an attempt to avoid that person, the truck driver swerved and crashed into your car instead. The truck driver still caused the actual accident, but that other driver certainly contributed to it. 

Other factors can play a role in determining fault, as well, so it's always best to talk to an experienced car and truck accident attorney before you make any big decisions. Contact Austin lawyer Earl Straight today for a free consultation at 512-454-1331.