The Top Reasons Why Dogs Attack People in Texas

When a dog attacks a person, it does not necessarily mean the dog is "bad." Many different factors can come into play, including how the dog was socialized, whether or not someone was "bothering" them, and if they were trained to be that way. These are some of the top reasons that a dog might attack a person:

  • The dog has not been properly socialized. People talk about socializing their dog with other dogs, but it is equally important to do so with humans. It is not enough for them to know how to act around their owners; they need to meet and interact with a variety of individuals so they learn how to behave in certain situations.

  • The dog was trained to attack. This is a sad situation where an otherwise good dog has been trained to attack other people or animals at their owner's command. The owner actually teaches their dog to be mean and may do so by being cruel to the animal.

  • The person does not understand how to behave around dogs. Some people just might not understand how to properly interact with domestic animals.

Some basic behaviors that may trigger a dog's aggressive side include:

  • "Invading" their territory

  • Getting between them and their food

  • Surprising or startling them. If they aren't on their guard, they may think you are trying to attack them.

  • Staring directly into their eyes

  • Running away

Being bitten by a dog is certainly a very scary incident, but it is important to realize that the dog isn't always completely to blame. An owner's negligence plays a huge role in a dog attack, especially if the owner knew their dog had the propensity to be dangerous.

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