What are the leading causes of death in wrongful death suits?



Some of the main causes of death in wrongful death suits in Austin involve things that we do in everyday life. One reason some of these accidents occur is that we get too comfortable with seemingly "normal" events, and we aren't always quite as careful as we should be. It's that negligence that causes wrongful deaths.

Vehicle Accidents

We spend so much time in our vehicles that accidents are inevitable. The most common automobile-related incidents that result in a wrongful death suit are collisions involving motorists and/or pedestrians which result death. It's also common to see suits related to defective tires or other car parts that can cause an accident.

Medical Malpractice

Health care professionals are only human, and sometimes, errors occur. If a doctor deviates from what is considered to be acceptable practice, and their patient dies because of their lapse in judgment, they will likely see a wrongful death suit in their future. Some doctors will make a mistake during surgery, misdiagnose a serious disease, or prescribe the wrong kind of medication.

Workplace Accidents

If an employee is killed at work because an employer did not take the proper precautions to keep them safe, a wrongful death suit will probably be filed. Whether a job is dangerous by nature, like a construction worker or a mine worker, or generally considered "safe," like an office job, it's still the employer's job to keep employees safe.

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