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The wrongful death of a loved one is a devastating and confusing time. Learn what your next step should be with advice from Straight Law in Austin, Texas, where Earl Straight is an expert in negligence law.

Accidental deaths are unexpected, sudden and without warning. Unlike deaths following a long illness, there is no time to get affairs in order or say final goodbyes. 

If an adult dies, their children are left without that parent, and their spouse is left alone. If a child dies, siblings are left without their brother or sister, and parents are left to deal with the horrible tragedy of losing a child. There is nothing more tragic than when someone dies before their time.

Besides the overwhelming feelings of loss and grief, there are also complex emotions of hopelessness, denial and especially anger. How could this happen? Why did it have to happen? If the deceased was a wage earner, there is the extra pressure of worrying about the future. How can I support my family? What about funeral costs and medical bills? For answers to these and many more questions, you need the assistance of a wrongful death attorney.

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How Do Wrongful Deaths Occur?

There are an unlimited number of ways a wrongful death can happen. Any type of accident that can cause an injury can also result in death.

Some Common Wrongful Death Causes

• Auto Accidents
• Trucking Accidents
• Construction Accidents

• Medical Negligence or Malpractice
• Swimming Pool Drownings
• Boating Accidents

• Child Abuse
• Nursing Home Abuse
• Airplane Crashes

The common thread in all of these examples is the negligent, careless, intentional or reckless acts of another person or entity such as a corporation or government agency, that directly causes the death.

Wrongful death cases are a very complex area of law that require an experienced attorney.  The calculation of lost wages alone can be extremely difficult, taking into consideration life expectancy, future promotions and raises, career advancement, etc.  The hiring of experts such as economists are necessary and expensive.  An attorney with the financial backing and experience to handle these cases from start to finish is an absolute must to get fully compensated for your loss.  Earl Straight has handled these cases for 26 years, has a proven track record and is available to answer any questions you may have about wrongful death claims.  Call 512-454-1331 for a free consultation.

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